We will respond within 24 hours !
We will respond within 24 hours !
We update customer service for businesses that deal with fuel, drivers, travelers, gas station and roadside stores, hotels, coffee and croissants - and much more! In our new time, we make your difficult business more profitable and competitive, more convenient and interesting for customers and buyers, more technologically advanced and reliable for all of us!
What do you think is common between a huge hypermarket and a gas station on a highway, a distant highway? They are united by a reliable payment service! In the first case, millions of daily turnover are at stake, in the second - responsibility to drivers, travelers with children and mothers-in-law and reputation among corporate clients. Back in 2005, our first "box" stood on "combat" duty in a well-known network of gas stations, which was able to choose a "live" mobile operator from two possible ones and thus provided reliable refueling of customers. 6 years have passed and the responsibility of the payment service in hypermarkets has lain on the shoulders of our 2nd generation device, where we already had to look for a working option between the corporate intranet and three available mobile operators, while transmitting not only small portions of transaction data, but also scans of buyers' signatures made by them with a stylus on the terminal screen instead of paper.
On the board: 2 modems and 4 possible operators (4 SIM cards); LAN and WiFi, which can connect to the local network of the location and be an WiFi access point for payment devices; two lithium batteries (12 hours without electricity).
Today we install SV3-HUB - System Version 3-HUB, a 3rd generation transactional fault-tolerant router, for our customers.
Where it is really appreciated by your own customers and buyers ... and competitors too.
Where do we install this power?
Our technologies are a guarantee of your success!

A table with a net and rackets is an attribute of the offices of all technology companies today. It is not surprising - table tennis improves not only the speed of movements, but also the speed of reaction, forecasting reactions, develops operational thinking, as well as the ability to concentrate and switch attention. For us, this game is also a symbol of the speed and accuracy of the interaction of business with customers, seller with buyers. Well, a beautiful game is when professionals play from both sides! We have been integrating and building both classic payment terminal infrastructures and cloud platforms based on mobile apps for many years.
We know that in the coming years, successful customer service will be based on integrated solutions and seamless integration of offline infrastructure of stores, gas stations, cafes, businesses, and apps downloaded to customers' and clients’ phones. If you also know this and the future of your business is important to you - come to us! We will make your game on your field even more successful!

Almost forgot the main thing! If you look closely at the photos, you can see that the device consists of two blocks. On one - modems, WiFi, WAN and processor. On the second one there is another processor, a crypto card and a LAN. It's simple - SV3-HUB really consists of two computers, each running its own instance of Linux OS and our special software. There are no known network services and protocols between them - only transaction and transaction data. There are no network services - there is nothing to break and hack! The first computer holds the aggressive environment of the public Internet on itself, the second one works in a protected and closed segment of the local network of a store, gas station, hypermarket. A cash server, a commercial accounting system - our customers don't worry about them…
It so happened that for almost 15 years we have been observing the development of the market of fleet cards / control de flota, etc. not only in Russia. We are surprised to note that we seem to be the most conservative part of the world in the field of fleet card design! We have banks that, on the contrary, are conservatives everywhere, they print their cards much more cheerful! Where are the fleet cards printed with blondes, mustangs, bikers in the horizon? Where in the end is the Joker, the Queen of Spades and the bears? We need to change something…
For you - the DESIGNER FLEET cards!

We are constantly expanding the library of fleet card layouts so that it is convenient for you to choose a ready-made map layout and send us your logo and other details for printing on the card. If you have your own ideas about the design of your card, we will easily implement them and this will not affect the cost of making cards!
When a long time ago, when coal was shipped by barrels to steam locomotives by cards, our company was called "FLEETCARDS". Being a classic owner of fleet cards processing and terminal software, we, like many colleagues, printed and serviced cards for corporate clients of fuel companies and gas station networks.

Yes, fleet cards are still used today both in their original plastic form and in the form of a "digital transformation" - mobile apps appeared in phones, QR codes without leaving the car - but the essence of the transaction remained old steam locomotive! Today, simply automating the process of paying for fuel is no longer the way for an independent business on the roads, not the solution for the business stability over time, and even more business development tool.

Today, in the name of our company, the word "EXPRESS" symbolizes a new technological locomotive that, by assembling and integrating the right services and technologies, is able to pull your business in the right direction.
We develop your business profitably!
Today we present to you the “Zapravka” project - a joint product with the unique Click Save Club service. It is now enough for our clients to simply say "Yes" so that the drivers of their corporate clients start receiving cashback on their fleet cards, and a group of interested businesses formed around the gas station in purchasing this cashback, creating loyalty and additional income. Contact us - we will tell you about your story…